There are four primary ways to listen to music from the SoundMachine interface. 


  1. Stations
    • Stations are the simplest way to get started. These are human curated groupings of music designed to play well together in a commercial environment. 
    • To get started, find a station you'd like to listen to, and press the Play button next to it.
  2. Custom Stations
    • Custom stations are AI generated stations that start from an artist or a song of your choice, which are exclusive to the Business Premium plan. You can search for the source from which you want to generate your custom station and closely related music will start playing.
  3. Mixes
    • Mixes let you combine stations together, giving you the power to create a sound unique to your location.
  4. Schedules
    • Schedules allow you to assign music based on the time of day, or day of the week - you can use stations or mixes within a schedule.