How do you use Mixes in SoundMachine?


What is a Mix?

When you don't want to limit your music playing in SoundMachine to a specific Station, you can create a "Mix" where you can combine different Stations to play the music to your preference. For example, you can create a Mix that contains Stations with Rock from the 60's, 70's and 80's and the Mix will now include a variety of these combined. You can choose how to distribute the variety and the play frequency of those Stations in your Mix.

To configure Mixes, login to your SoundMachine account and go to the Mixes section:

How do I create a new Mix?

You have three options to create a new Mix:

  1. Click on the "New Mix" button (top right corner)
  2. Click on the "New Mix" title (top left corner)
  3. Drag and drop a new station to an empty Mix

Using any of the three options, you will be prompted to enter the name of the new Mix:

When the Mix is successfully created, you will get a notification on the left side of your screen:

How to add a station to the Mix?

In the left menu, in the Sources section, you can search, pick and drag the Station you want to add to the Mix.  

You can also select "My Stations" to see stations you have liked. Additionally, if you have imported custom stations from external services, you will find them here.

On the top of the stations list you can filter by typing a word or phrase, in our example we filtered all stations that contain "80s" in the name:

After adding some stations to the Mix, it may look similar to this:

How do I show the Play Fraction graph?

When Mix is selected, the three dot menu on the top right will show the following options:

- Duplicate Mix

- Remove Mix

- Show Play Fraction

After enabling this, you will see a pie chart to the right of each station. This is a graphical representation of how much of a station will be played in the Mix. For example, if you have 4 stations, and each Play Frequency is set to the middle, this means that each station will be equally distributed in the Mix.

What does the Variety slider do?

Some stations will show a "variety slider" when added to the Mix. This means that the stations have been curated by our DJs, and they have selected music from the station that is either more upbeat (faster) or mellow (slower). 

By adjusting the sliders, you can define each station's variety. 

Note: If the station added to the mix doesn’t show a Variety slider, these options are not available within that station. Imported stations will not have these options

What does the Play Frequency do?

All stations added to a Mix will show a "Play Frequency" slider.

By adjusting these sliders, you will be able to will be able to influence the amount of music that plays from each station. In this example, the station at the top will play the most, the one at the bottom will play a little less, and the remaining will play the most infrequently.

How can I duplicate a Mix?

When a Mix is selected (the name of a Mix is highlighted in red color on the Mix list), you will find "Duplicate Mix" in the three dot menu:

After clicking on the button, the selected Mix will be duplicated to a new mix named "Copy Of...":

The duplicated Mix will be selected and you can start editing right away.

How do I rename a Mix?

To rename a Mix, select it from the list and click on the title in the top left corner:

Update the name in the popup, and click ok.

You will get a message that the Mix has been updated:

How do I delete a Mix?

To delete a Mix, select the mix from the list, then choose "Remove Mix" from the three dot menu in the top right corner:

You will get a confirmation prompt:

After clicking ok, the Mix will be removed. 

Note: A deleted Mix cannot be recovered after being deleted.