Schedules are used to day part your music. This means you are able to assign Stations or Mixes to specific times of the day, or specific days of the week. You can have as many schedules as you like, for example if you'd like to prepare for different seasons. If you are controlling multiple locations, it may be faster to set all locations to use the same schedule, and an update to the schedule will be applied immediately to all locations.


  • To create a Schedule, click on "NEW SCHEDULE" and choose a name
  • To add music, select an empty channel (time slot), then click "ADD" at the bottom of the screen
  • From the pop-up menu, you can assign what music should play
    • Choose the Days of the week you would like this selection to play
    • Choose the start and end time for your selection
    • Choose a Mix or Station from the list of available options
      • You can only choose one per channel, so using mixes is ideal if you want to combine styles of music
    • Press OK to assign that channel
  • You can add as many channels as you like throughout the day or week to customize the experience at your location