Custom Stations are stations created based on artists or songs that you choose. These choices set the mood, and Napster’s algorithm creates the rest of the station.

To create a Custom Station you need to have a Business Premium account.

  • In the Stations tab, go to Custom Stations
  • Search for an artist or song. If you hover over the artist or song that you like, a play sign will appear. Click the play button to create the station, OR click "…" for more options, and click on “Add to my Stations”
  • The station based on that song or artist will automatically be saved in My Stations once you click play.

But that’s not all! You can tweak your custom station by adding additional sources that better inform the algorithm to find exactly the sound that you are looking for.

  • Go to My Stations and click on the station you want to add more sources to, an Edit button will show up.
  • Click Edit
  • Click + Add sources! You can add as many sources as you like, and the algorithm will take those items into consideration.
  • Click OK when you are done. You can also rename the station by clicking on the name while you are editing it.

The more sources you add, the more your custom station will reflect your desired sound!