Have you noticed those two icons in your web player? Ever wonder what they mean? Has anything ever played that you’d like to hear more of? Have you heard a song that you’d wish never played again?

Like: When you like a song, it lets the algorithm know that it’s moving in the right direction, and that you enjoy that song and songs that are related to this one. If you click on the like button (as long as it’s not on a custom station), the algorithm will choose those songs with a higher frequency.

Block: Do you like a station but it has that one song that you can’t stand? Block it and forget about it forever.

Click on the icons that appear next to the web player in order to Like and Block.

You can also Like and Block songs by clicking on the history button and selecting songs that have been played before.

The more songs you use these three buttons with, the more precise the algorithm will detect your taste and give you exactly what you need.