You are able to import your own playlists from other music services (Spotify, Apple Music, Napster, Tidal and more) and create stations in SoundMachine to play at your business. You will need to use a third party library management service to do this (see links below). Once imported, you can use your imported playlists with all the other scheduling and mixing features you use in SoundMachine. 

To import your own playlists:

  1. You must have a Business Premium account
  2. Your custom playlist must have at least 100 unique songs after importing
    1. There may be times that songs cannot be pulled into our system, to accommodate this, we recommend aiming for at least 120 songs
    2. 300 songs is a good target number for customer and employees
    3. Songs marked as explicit will automatically be rejected by our system
    4. Some songs marked as clean may be matched with their explicit counterpart, and rejected
      1. While unexpected, if you find explicit content in your station, please let us know, and we can help you remove it
  3. There must be a balance of artists, with at least 20 different artists

Importing Playlists can be done from these services (all have a free option):