You will need a computer, an amplifier and loudspeakers. The computer has to be connected to the Internet and to an amplifier powering the loudspeakers. No software is needed other than a modern web browser to access the Internet.


We recommend using the latest version of your preferred web browser, but our player is compatible with Google 4+, Firefox 4.0+, Safari 3.1+ or Opera 9.5+. The browser and website are also both compatible with all mobile browsers, including Safari in iOS, or Android’s web browser.


For a smooth playback experience we recommended a connection of 150Kbps or higher (without much background activity occupying the connection). This is the equivalent of 0.15 Mbps.


All data from SOUNDMACHINE will be transmitted over port 80, using web standard formats. If your company has any filtering of sites, please be sure to whitelist *, and remove any potential time limits to the connection of the computer, or hardware.