General overview of the Schedule page:

Create a New Schedule

There are three different ways to create a new schedule:

1.  Click on the + "New Schedule" button on the top right corner.

2. Click on the "NEW SCHEDULE" section on the top left.

3. When no schedule is loaded, drag an item from the left (Stations/Mixes) to a time slot in the empty Schedule.

Once you click on any of those three options, you will be prompted to enter a new Schedule Name:

After clicking Ok, the new Schedule will be selected and ready for you to add stations/mixes:

Adding Stations & Mixes to the Schedule

When you are in a new Schedule or editing one, you can drag & drop a station/mix from the left side to an open time slot.

After dropping the new station/mix into the Schedule, you can move it to different slots by dragging the three-dot section. Additionally, you can now expand the selection by days (dragging the right bar to the right) and hours (dragging the bottom bar down):

You can now drag & drop the rest of the stations/mixes to complete your Schedule:

Editing an entry variety (when it applies)

In the stations where you can edit the upbeat/mellow variety, you can click on the three-dot menu and move the slider to the desired position. Note that not all stations have this option.

Edit Play Times

If you need a particular timeframe for an entry in the Schedule, you can edit the play time by clicking on the three-dot menu and choosing "Edit Play Time":

Duplicate a Schedule

If you need a different schedule based on another one and you want to duplicate it, you can click on the Schedule three-dot menu (top right) and click on Duplicate Schedule:

Change the Name of a Schedule

To change the name of a schedule, click on the pen icon to the left of the selected Schedule and modify the title as desired.

Delete a Schedule

To delete a schedule, you can select the Schedule on the left list, click on the three-dot menu (top right), and remove Schedule.

Play a Schedule

To play the music for a specific Schedule, you can click on the Play button on the top of the Schedule or hit the play button on the left bar in the schedule list.