Stations are the fundamental function of the SOUNDMACHINE experience. These are human curated groupings of songs, meticulously chosen to play well together, and designed to be the musical voice of your business.

  1. Stations are sorted into genres and themes, to help you find the mood you are looking for. Selecting a genre or theme will limit the results - click "All"  or “Clear Filter” to return to the full list

  2. Click this toggle to only show stations that you have liked.

  3. If you are looking for specific stations, you can use the search bar to search for all stations that include Artists or Genres you are looking for.

  4. If you need help deciding what kind of music should be playing at various times during the day, you can request our Music Concierge Service, and we can help find a suitable Mix and Schedule.

  5. You can import your own playlists from other music services (such as Spotify and Apple Music) if you have a Business Premium account

  1. When hovering your mouse over a station, you will see a play button. Use it to start playing the station you choose.

  2. Station descriptions give you more detail what to expect from that playlist

  3. Click the heart to favorite stations that you like. You can then filter your favorite stations.

Some stations have three dots on the bottom right when you hover your mouse over it. Clicking on them will show you the “Variety” slider. 

The “Variety” slider allows you to further refine a station choice

  • Mellow limits the station to the softer, downtempo songs

  • Upbeat limits the station to the faster, uptempo songs

  • Leaving the slider in the middle provides a combination of both Mellow and Upbeat